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Dr Angela Dobson | Vision Therapy at Vision Sense | Halifax Canada

Learn to use your eyes better at Vision Sense Optometry with vision therapy!

Vision Sense Optometry has a unique approach to expand, develop and rehabilitate vision: to engage the visual process to work more efficiently and effectively through vision therapy.

The goal will be to help both eyes work together, and to improve the brain functioning involving vision.

At Vision Sense Optometry we go beyond vision correction using glasses. We tap into the neuroplasticity of the brain (the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life) and we focus on building strong relationships between vision, eye coordination and the knowledge and ability of the brain to process and build neural connections.

Who can benefit from this approach?


  • Difficulty learning to read
  • Problems with writing
  • Short attention span
  • Highly sensitive to noise, light, textures or movement
  • Highly distractible


  • Lazy eyes (amblyopia)
  • Turned eyes (strabismus)


  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Difficulties with balance and coordination
  • Depth perception inconsistencies
  • Bruising of one side of the body


  • Reading
  • Working on computer
  • Comprehending technical material
  • Transposing letters and/or numbers from written material to computer or vice versa
  • Locating information in one column and moving it to another column

Can Vision Therapy help you?

To address visual problems, Dr. Angela will develop a vision therapy program customized to your needs. The program will include natural, non-invasive eye exercises. As you make progress, treatments are progressively adjusted to encourage further visual improvements over time. You may also notice improved visual/spatial coordination, and reading skills.

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What is different? “I’m remembering more, seeing better, enjoying life more”.  E.K.

What can you expect?

At Vision Sense Optometry Dr. Angela starts with a thorough analysis and evaluation of the visual system including assessment of how the eyes are working together under different conditions, or binocularity. She gathers information on how eyes respond when stressed, how the eyes relax, how the eyes behave in the distance and up close. She looks at depth perception and one’s sense of position in space.

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I felt like I was losing my mind. Dr. Dobson’s treatment works! D.C.