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How do we do this?

At Vision Sense Optometry, Dr. Angela starts with a thorough analysis and evaluation of the visual system including an assessment of how the eyes are working together under different conditions. She gathers information on how eyes respond when stressed, how the eyes relax, how the eyes behave in the distance and up close. She looks at depth perception and one’s sense of position in space.

Can Vision Therapy Help You?

To address visual problems, Dr. Angela will develop a vision therapy program customized to your needs. The program will include natural, non-invasive eye exercises. As you make progress, treatments are progressively adjusted to encourage further visual improvements over time. You may also notice improved visual/spatial coordination, and reading skills.

Vision Therapy treatment programs are carefully calculated to correct visual-motor or perceptual-cognitive inefficiencies. Treatment sessions include activities, exercises and procedures that augment the brain’s capacity to manage alignment, eye movements and visual processing.

This is NOT simply a program of eye exercises. Instead it is a guided (monitored) program targeted at helping you see better in specific areas – improving your overall visual performance.

Why Vision Therapy?

The eyes are complex organs. Light entering the eye gives vast amounts of information to the brain. Not only do the eyes allow you to see, they also give you information about what shape something is, what colour it is, how big an object is, how far away it is, and more. Did you ever think vision affects how you remember things (see a picture in your mind), how you dream, how you recognize someone’s face, how you find your way in a new area, how dizzy you get when on a boat, or in a car, how comfortable you are on a roller coaster ride, how well you read, and even how well you comprehend what you’ve just read?

In some cases the eyes are not perfectly coordinated. This causes confusion in the brain. The results of brain confusion include: Learning difficulties, Reading difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia.

Your Vision Therapy Program

Your customized program may include an eye training program or specific therapeutic* ophthalmic lenses, prisms and optical devices combined with an eye training program. The eye training program will include eye exercises to do at home as well as regular sessions in the office. Your progress will be evaluated and you’ll be guided through eye exercises with feedback. This “rewiring” will help the brain to use information from the eyes more productively. A Vision therapist works closely with you to teach, encourage and celebrate the progress. You will experience progress and notice improvements as you actively follow the program.

* therapeutic lenses are eyeglasses that treat the visual condition, to encourage resolution, rather than compensatory lenses that allow the eyes to function, but not resolve the issue. Alternatively, the therapeutic lenses are to be used temporarily, the compensatory lenses are to be long term.