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Meet Dr. Angela Dobson:

Founder of Vision Sense Optometry; she has a special interest in vision therapy and development. As a successful optometrist she works with the eyes and the eye-brain connection. Using prisms, lenses and/or specific eye exercise therapy she is able to help patients with post traumatic vision symptoms in their recovery from brain injury and concussions.

This interest also enables her to guide dramatic improvements (life changing) for patients with reading problems, eye imbalances, eye turns, lazy eyes, and even physical coordination.

For the past few years she has been working with a dynamic, progressive group of professionals that are making a difference in the recovery of those with mild brain injuries, concussions and whiplash. This group includes sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, optometrists, psychologists and rehabilitation specialists. She is proud to be a contributing member of this caring group of professionals that are at the leading edge of brain injury recovery and treatments.

Transition from optometrist to behavioural and rehabilitation optometrist

Dr. Angela has practiced classical optometry for over 20 years. In conjunction with her brain injury studies, she has become a behavioural and rehabilitation optometrist. The behavioural approach to optometry considers more closely the feedforward/feedback system of the eye-brain relationship. Through the use of therapeutic lenses, prisms and/or visual therapy, changing the information the eyes send to the brain allows the brain to adjust, resulting in more efficient and effective vision, reading, comprehension and body balance to name a few benefits.

Voila! Vision Sense Optometry

Dr. Angela has been able to build on the extensive knowledge and hands on practical experience from her 20 + years as a partner in a successful optometric practice. With the creation of this Vision Sense Optometry she has established a centre of excellence and an important link in recovery from brain trauma. Her approach has the potential to create neuroplastic changes that will improve the functionality of the eyes, the brain and the body.